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[The pain that people can’t express]
In spring of 2005, there were an anti‐Japanese demonstration in China.
Every time I saw the news, I had pain that I couldn’t explain because
I could saw the pain that couldn’t heal inside of them. In Iraq, there
a lot of suicide bombs almost every day and many people are killed like as objects.
Israel and Palestine feud. Japanese cry against North Korea and North Korea
become obstinacy and blame Japan. We are victims and wrongdoers in same time.
There are full of pain, sadness, anger, and hatred in whole of the world.
I felt my weakness and powerlessness before that. I could just pray for it.

[The hall]
During the exhibition in February, I made a set of artworks that has a hall on it.
The hall reminded me the vestiges of the nails, which pierces Jesus’ hands.
And I remember the Bible verses” But He was wounded for our transgressions,” and ”.
When the nails strike on His hands, all of hatred and anger in the whole
world come upon Him intensively. The halls that the nails made were vestiges
of the price how much Christ paid for us. It’ s vestiges what He carried.

I sent a letter to my friends who live in the other countries.
And ask them to send the soils of their land.

As I use the soil from the different nations as the pigments for my arts,
It will be my prayer, “The cross of Christ was put up on the ground.”
and if I can make this works it will be same thing that I stand on the ground
and intercedes for the nations, even though I can not visit those countries.
And I pray that may all of the pain will be healed and all of the anger will be
calm down, may the miracle of forgiveness will happen upon this world.